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May 2011

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pinkdiamond in nz_costumers

Auckland Medieval Picnic

Hello all,

As a follow up to the Medieval demos at Auckland Armageddon we are having a friendly meet the locals event this weekend. It's a potluck picnic and very laid back where people can ask questions about what the group does while sitting back and relaxing in a pretty setting.

The group that was at Armageddon was the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) which has about 30, 000 members across the world and has been going for more than forty years. It's a group that is pretty much what you make of it. How much history you want to learn is up to you and there are many social activities as well as educational that we generate.

So the details for the picnic are:

When: Sunday 9th November, from 1pm on.

Where: Wintergarden in the Auckland Domain. There is plenty of parking available all over the domain and it's a pleasant time of the year to be out and about.

Who: The local group of the SCA in Auckland, "Ildhafn".
http://www.sca.org.nz (there are groups all over the country and for any Aussies who have stumbled across this page yes there are groups near you as well: http://www.sca.org.au- and any SCAdians reading, get yourselves to the next Armageddon! It's great fun!)

What: Picnic and catch up after Armageddon.

What to bring: yourselves and any questions you may wish to ask. Some of our group will be in costume some will be in regular gear. Members will also be bringing food with a pre-1600 theme. You are welcome to bring your own food and drink and costumes if you desire but this is an informal event so there is no pressure to do so.

There will be SCA members attending with interests in many areas of the Medieval and Renaissance arts: dancing, fighting, costuming, hand arts, wood and metal crafts, social history and preparing good food.