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May 2011

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Me 2012

moonfeather in nz_costumers

costume help

Hey all,

Im planning to make a costume for Armageddon in chch, its a tossup between two characters, depending on which outfit is easist to make.

But I decided I will make both and stuff trying to make it to deadline, this is a longer project I think.

One is RA from Stargate the movie...what persee am I wanting to make? His skirt and cape;
here and here or like this one in his bedroom scene
Someone has done this before

But I want to add his sundisk to the costume. and behind it another and another shot
Im going to be using this hairdo

The Second costume is an Alien one, a Taelon from the Earth:final conflict universe

Taelon Jumpsuits are rumored to have seven layers, but ive never been able to find any detailed examples of how they are done.

A muscle-bodysuit underneith for 'male atributes, like muscles, broader shoulders, muscle chest, I have a next to no bust so no trouble about binding my bust. A 'corset' chest peice to straighten posture. and several shimmery fabrics.

All the Taelons were played by women so I shouldnt have too much trouble with the look, its just finding people who can look at this and already see a pattern to cut fabric from.

I have drawn up where the 'lines' on the jumpsuit are, the lines that lay over the suit.

Also, does anyone know who I can go to to get a latex moulded bald head and ears from?
I might need a little help with the makeup too.

I have the 'moon boots' that fabric can go over, I just need to fix the zips.

I think the easiest part, will be the white contacts lol

One day I dream to make a Lotus chair replica

Is there anyone in christchurch that would be willing to team up with me for either project? Who knows how to make patterns and tell me 'sew it like this' and perhaps know where cheaper fabrics are, I dont nessisarily need realy expensive fabrics.

Im at a loss at how to approach both these costumes and would love ANY input/suggestions/help.


I don't know if I can help but I just want to say hellow :) I'm the cosplay judge for Geddon and it's always cool to see peopel try nifty sci-fi costumes :) There will be a few of us in costume during the day too ;)